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 Awesome Remarkable Technology

Awesome Remarkable Technology

Awesome Remarkable Technology

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Many of us have blogs or websites. We all want a lot of traffic to our blog. We do SEO to bring traffic and increase the ranking of the blog. Today I will give you some tips from my experience that you can use to increase the traffic and ranking of your blog quickly. Let's start from the beginning. Keyword selection: If you want to get good and a lot of traffic from search engines, you must choose good quality keywords. Starting from the domain name depending on the keyword

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How to choose the title: You will choose the title of your web site depending on the keywords you have selected. Use the main keywords of your website in the title of your website. The title should not be too large. Give the title of the website above the category of the website What is the word on the home page? Use the keywords of your website in the link of any text on the home page of your website. It is better to use it in footer in general.

Social bookmarking system: Social networks are now making a good contribution to increase website traffic. Proper use of social networks can get you a lot of traffic to our website. You can use this tool to use social bookmarking icons anywhere on the website. It takes up little space and does not increase the loading time. SEO Friendly Articles: Article is the life of each blog. The better quality articles you have on your blog, the faster you rank your blog

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