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New launched zte blade a71 and battery - Review 2021

New launched zte blade a71 and battery - Review 2021

ZTE Blade A71 2021

The best ZTE Blade A71 2021 and - 

zte blade a71 battery   

the best mobile phone  in the  2021 . this new Samsung gadget for  click picture and more storage.

ZTE Blade A71 2021

zte blade a71

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Samsung galaxy a71 better than ZTE blade V10?40.63% more battery power

4500mAhvs3200mAh4GB more RAM memory

8GBvs4GB5.26% higher resolution

6.7"vs6.3"Has branded damage-resistant glass

1080 x 2400pxvs1080 x 2280px4.1x more megapixels [main camera]

64MP & 12MP & 5MP & 5MPvs16 & 5MP6.35% bigger screen size

2160 x 30fpsvs1080 x 30fps

64GB more internal storage

128GBvs64GB2x better video recording Quality [Main camera]