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how to create do follow backlinks for my blog | बैकलिंक कैसे बनायें | SEO

 how to create do follow backlinks for my blog | बैकलिंक कैसे बनायें | SEO

how to create do follow backlinks for my blog

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When we convert a link to no follow, then we give a message to Google that you should not crawl it, if we give any affiliate link in our post, then it is tag of no follow.

Do Follow Backlink increases the authority and ranking of our site rapidly because the site which gives us Dufollow Backlinks tells Google that there is good content on the website in front and in a way it supports us.

No follow back link does not pass any link juice, it does not make any sense to Google, but then we should also create no follow back link along with du follow.

Because no follow back link makes our site genuine and in the eyes of Google also the importance of our site remains good. If you are creating 70% dufollow backlinks, then you must also create at least 30% no follow back links.

How do create trustable and best Do follow backlinks using

*create account
*post on medium 

Rank first 

How to Create Backlinks from Medium

Medium is a website where any person can get their blog ranked very easily. This website was launched in 2012, which is founded by Avon Williams. Here any person can use this website by creating an account for free.

Now you must be thinking that how can we get a backlink by creating an account here. For your information, let me tell you that this is a type of social media website, in which you can publish your blog post. Along with this, you can also give a link to your website. With this, you not only get a backlink, but also traffic comes to your blog. So let's know how to create Backlinks from Medium

what is backlink
When a blog owner gives a link to your blog on his blog or website, then you get a backlink. This is part of an SEO. Backlinks are one of the most used factors in SEO. The more backlinks of your site, the more you benefit.

 To know more, you must read the article Backlink Kya Hai – High Quality Backlinks Kaise Banaye.

Medium Se Backlinks Kaise Banaye
If you want to create backlink for your blog, then read the steps given below carefully. Below I am going to tell you the whole process step by step to create backlinks from Medium.