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Sherdog is an american company  to the sport of MMA, sherdog also has many forums and instagram discussion pages on the many topics of MMA like record, This site is a member of the Crave Online( promotions ect.)  network and provides MMA related content for

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Last Updated: September 23, 2014 ... 2012, MMA Answered Live, itself. 2012, Fighters ... Martin, Todd "Shardog. Less MMA ...

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Younis Balla recalled the infamous incident in which Mike Tyson's opponent Evander Holyfield was bitten on the ear 24 years ago.The Moroccan boxer sat down to do almost the same thing in a boxing match at the Tokyo Olympics.

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Sikatias started his martial arts training at the age of 12 when he took up taekwondo and later shotgun karate at the age of 16. He eventually won a black belt in both categories, as well as a blue belt in judo. When he was 18, he started boxing before moving on to kickboxing. He stunned the martial arts world by taking the 1993 K-1 Grand Prix tournament by storm and knocked out three of his opponents one evening, including Ernesto Hust in the final. To date, Sikati is the oldest winner of the 38-year-old 208-day K-1 Grand Prix. He resumed his athletics in 1999 to compete in the Pride Fighting Championships to include mixed martial arts. His Pride debut was against Ralph White under the K-1 format. Sikatis lost through disqualification after being kicked in the head by Nichu White. Sikati came back to fight under the arrogance d, MMA rules and face Mark Kerr. When Kerr refused to let go of Reef's instructions, he escaped with the ring rope and was disqualified again after holding the ring rope after distributing several illegal elbows behind Kerr's head. His next fight ended in a loss to Maurice Smith, who suffocated in the Pride 7 forearm
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