whatsapp pay cashback offer: 51 RS upto 6 times

whatsapp pay cashback offer: 51 RS upto 6 times


whatsapp pay cashback offer 51 RS upto 6 times

Tech Desk. WhatsApp Payment has not yet been able to reach people above that. Other payment apps like Google Pay or Paytm have already made a name for themselves. In such a situation, the biggest challenge before WhatsApp is to increase its reach to more and more people, for this the company is starting a cashback scheme to increase its customer in India. WhatsApp will give a cashback of Rs 51 to its users on transferring money through WhatsApp Payment.

whatsapp payment cashback offer

Get Rs.51 cashback like this

The cashback of Rs 51 will be available only to Android users. If you are an iPhone user then you will not be able to take advantage of this offer. Right now this offer is only for Android beta users. First of all, you will get a guaranteed cashback of Rs 51 up to five times on sending money to 5 different contacts. WhatsApp has not set any such limit yet, you can enjoy cashback of Rs 51 by sending even Re 1. Once you get the cashback, Rs 51 will be credited to your bank account instantly.

Will give tough competition to GooglePay and PhonePay

No matter how much money you send to anyone, you will get CashBack of only 51 rupees. For this you have to first send money to 5 different users. At present, this feature is only available for users with Android phones. There is no information about when this update will come for iPhone users. It is expected that it will be used the most in India because there are more users with Android phones than iPhones.

whatsapp pay cashback offer referral code

Earlier, when Google Pay and Phone Pay were also launched in the beginning, they also used to give cashback. Google Pay was first launched in India under the name 'Tez'. Google Pay used to give cashback of Rs 51 to its users as referral bonus.